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【高清視訊轉換】Xilisoft AVCHD Converter v7.8.19 Build 20170209 HD 繁體中文正式版

Xilisoft AVCHD Converter是一個強大的多功能軟體,將MTS,M2TS,MOD和HDV格式的AVCHD視訊轉換為最常見的視訊和高清視訊,以便在各種多媒體播放器上播放。
現在,使用Xilisoft AVCHD Converter,您可以在iPod,iPhone,iPad上欣賞AVCHD視訊,或將其上傳到網站,並與您的朋友分享。

以下是「Xilisoft AVCHD Converter」的一些主要功能:
– 將AVCHD視訊(MTS,M2TS,MOD)轉換為流行的視訊和高清視訊
– 與各種AVCHD攝影機和播放器高度相容
– 強大的編輯功能,以拋光您的拍攝視訊
– 提取音訊並將AVCHD視訊轉換為圖片
– 轉換後直接將輸出傳輸到iPad / iPhone / iPod / PSP / iTunes

Xilisoft AVCHD Converter is a powerful and multi-functional software to convert AVCHD videos in formats of MTS, M2TS, MOD and HDV to the most common videos and HD videos for playing well on various multimedia players.
Shot by Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC or Hitachi AVCHD camcorder, AVCHD camcorders is more and more prevailing currently.
Now, with Xilisoft AVCHD Converter you can enjoy AVCHD videos on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or upload them to website and share with your friends.

Here are some key features of "Xilisoft AVCHD Converter":
– Convert AVCHD video (MTS, M2TS, MOD) to popular video and HD video
– High compatibility with various AVCHD camcorders and players
– Powerful editing functions to polish your shot video
– Extract audio and convert AVCHD video to picture
– Transfer the output to iPad/iPhone/iPod/PSP/iTunes directly after conversion
– Support NVIDIA CUDA & ATI Stream technology

【高清視訊轉換】Xilisoft AVCHD Converter v7.8.19 Build 20170209 HD 正式版