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【4K影片視訊編碼 H.265 轉換軟體】Internet Friendly Media Encoder (IFME) v4.9.2.0 x64 中文版

Internet Friendly Media Encoder是一種可靠的視訊轉換和改善工具,依賴於下一代H.265 / HEVC視訊壓縮標準,在不影響播放質量的前提下提供高壓縮率。




Internet Friendly Media Encoder容許您在繼續轉換輸入檔案之前配置視訊和音訊設定。它配備了一組預設的配置模式,試圖在速度和輸出質量之間找到平衡,並容許速率控制定制。

有多種編碼器可以選取,內含FAAC,FLAC或Ogg Vorbis。而且,您可以調整結果視訊的音訊比特層級,頻率和頻道。


使用H.265 / HEVC標準對視訊進行編碼
Internet Friendly Media Encoder結合了易用性和強大的編碼引擎,是適合任何類型使用者的可靠視訊編碼器。


【4K影片視訊編碼  H.265 轉換軟體】Internet Friendly Media Encoder (IFME) v4.9.2.0 x64 中文版:

Internet Friendly Media Encoder is a reliable video conversion and optimization utility that relies on the next generation H.265/HEVC video compression standard, promising high compression rates without affecting the playback quality.

Wide range of compatible video files
The application supports some of the most popular video formats, such as MKV containers, MP4, M4V, AVI, DIVX, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MPV, M1V, DAT, VOB, as well as EMP and EMM files. As for the output, it can generate either MKV or MP4 videos.

It enables you to create queues that can contain a large number of input videos and it processes each video one by one, displaying a list of all its actions within the 'Console' area. The videos are displayed in a simple table, alongside the used codec, their resolution, bit depth and location.

Extended audio and video configuration
Internet Friendly Media Encoder enables you to configure the video and audio settings before proceeding to converting the input files. It comes with a set of preset configuration modes that try to find a balance between speed and output quality and allows rate control customization.

There are multiple encoders that you can choose from, including FAAC, FLAC or Ogg Vorbis. Moreover, you can adjust the audio bit level, frequency and channel for the resulting videos.

Additional features allow you to add subtitles to the video, as well as change the CPU priority and the number of used cores. This way, you can take advantage of the capabilities of the processor in order to obtain higher processing speeds.

Encode your videos using the H.265/HEVC standard
Combining ease of use with a powerful encoding engine, Internet Friendly Media Encoder is a reliable video encoder suitable for any type of user.
While it still needs further improvements, it provides satisfactory speed and allows batch operations, making use of the capabilities of the H.265 compression standard.