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(IT資產管理工具)Hardware Inspector 5.7.2


(IT資產管理工具)Hardware Inspector 5.7.2

(IT資產管理工具)Hardware Inspector 5.7.2

(IT資產管理工具)Hardware Inspector 5.7.2 特點:
– 每項資產從購買到報廢的存貨。
– 功能全面的資產管理(會計及安裝的事實,不同的歷史)。
– 監測軟體政策組織。
– 簡單的庫存網路連線。
– 監控的電腦配置的變化(電腦審計)。
– 各種資料的匯入選項(系統訊息報告珠峰,ASTRA和ASTRA32,CSV檔案)
– 關閉跟進服務請求。
– 條碼庫存。
– 靈活的資料訪問權限。
– 裝置,執照,耗材,禁止的軟體和更強大的工具來搜尋。
– 種類繁多的定制的內建報告。匯出任何格式。
– 多使用者訪問網路上的單個資料庫中。
– 安裝任意數量的許可證。 (尋找更多許可協定)
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Hardware Inspector 5.7.2

Hardware Inspector is an indispensable IT asset management tool. The software has an extensive list of features most helpful for network administrators, IT department managers and other specialists. Planning, inventory, audit, asset transfer, retirement, reports, histories do not cover all features available with Hardware Inspector. Highly customizable and user friendly, it tracks each asset from purchase to retirement and provides handy reports on all management aspects of hardware and software imaginable. Hardware Inspector is unique to track the history of each asset.

Key features:
– From purchase to retirement inventory of every asset.
– Fully featured asset management (accounting and installation facts, various histories).
– Monitoring of software policy in organization.
– Easy inventory of network connections.
– Monitoring of changes in computer configuration (computer audit).
– Various data import options (system information reports by EVEREST, ASTRA and ASTRA32, CSV files)
– Close follow-up on service requests.
– Barcode inventory.
– Flexible data access permission.
– Powerful tools to search for devices, licences, expendables, prohibited software and much more.
– A large variety of customizable built-in report. Export to any format.
– Multiuser access to the single database on the network.
– One licence for any number of installations. (Find more in Licence agreement)

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