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【批量圖像下載器】Bulk Image Downloader 5.85 從幾乎任何網站下載完整尺寸的圖像

Bulk Image Downloader(簡稱BID)是由新西蘭的Antibody Software開發的具有清晰直觀的用戶界面和簡單操作的Web圖像批處理下載工具。

此外,它還支持通過右鍵菜單與Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox和Opera Web瀏覽器集成,以提供更方便的圖像下載功能。
Bulk Image Downloader沒有復雜的操作,不需要頻繁的單擊鼠標,也不需要復雜的設置。

【批量圖像下載器】Bulk Image Downloader 5.85 官網:
Bulk Image Downloader (BID for short) is a web images batch downloading tool with clean and intuitive user interface and simple operation, developed by Antibody Software from New Zealand. It is able to download all full-size images from almost any websites (especially those popular image gallery websites that only show us with the thumbnails of images and annoying popup windows and ads) in one effort.
Bulk Image Downloader is capable of direct extracting the real download URLs of images from a text file (such as locally saved web pages or text file with image addresses) or website links. And the built-in image searching AI can find out the image files with the highest resolution, no matter how a web page is arranged. Moreover, it supports integrating with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers through the right-click menu, so as to provide more convenient image downloading function.
Bulk Image Downloader has no complex operations, does not need frequent mouse clicks, does not require complicated settings. Plus, it supports thumbnail preview feature, and allows to simultaneously download all image or just the wanted ones from one or more websites with one click.