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【最佳iTunes替代工具】Syncios 6.7 輕鬆管理PC上各種iOS裝置上的各種資料


Syncios(又名Syncios Mobile Manager,Syncios手機助手)是一款非常強大且實用的Windows和Mac平台手機管理軟體,由中國的Anvsoft開發。
作為Android和iOS裝置管理工具,Syncios可以輕鬆取得Apple裝置(iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch)和Android手機中的任何檔案
並輕鬆高效地傳輸圖片,音樂,播放清單,視訊,應用程式,電子書,聯繫人,WhatsApp訊息,SMS文字和iOS / Android裝置與電腦之間的其他資料。

Syncios尤其擅長管理基於iOS的裝置(iPod / iPhone / iPad),並且在易用性和效能方面都勝過iTunes。
因此,Syncios被認為是iTunes的最佳替代產品之一,它提供了iOS / Android裝置與電腦之間理想的資料備份和檔案傳輸解決專案。

【最佳iTunes替代工具】Syncios 6.7 主要特點:
從100多個視訊共享站台下載視訊並傳輸到iPad / iPhone / iPod。
在沒有iTunes的iPod / iPhone / iPad和PC之間傳輸音樂,視訊,照片,電子書,應用程式,聯繫人,便箋等。
建立,編輯和管理iPad / iPhone / iPod播放清單。

【最佳iTunes替代工具】Syncios 6.7 官網:
iTunes has clearly become an overdeveloped piece of junk software. Because it integrates so many unpractical functions, and the consequences are obvious: has extremely slow startup speed, takes up a lot of hard disk space, and consumes a lot of system resources. If you’ve fed up with official software like iTunes, too, then try Syncios, a third-party solution that lets you easily manage all kinds of data from a variety of iOS devices on your PC.
Syncios (AKA: Syncios Mobile Manager, Syncios手机助手) is a very powerful and practical mobile phone management software for Windows and Mac platforms, developed by Anvsoft from China. It can manage both Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) across platforms at the same time. Even better, it doesn’t need iTunes to manage iOS devices, and can directly view/read the data backed up by iTunes.
As an Android and iOS devices management tool, Syncios can easily obtain any file in Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android phones, and easily and efficiently transfer pictures, music, playlists, video, applications, ebooks, contacts, WhatsApp messages, SMS text, and other data between iOS/Android devices and computer. In addition, Syncios also comes with many practical utilities that iTunes doesn’t have, such as video downloader, audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker, and more.
Syncios is particularly good at managing iOS-based devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad), and outperforms iTunes a lot in terms of ease of use and performance. It has smaller file size, faster startup speed, less system resource usage, and simpler operation, although it’s not as rich in features as iTools and iFunbox. Therefore, Syncios is considered to be one of the best alternatives to iTunes, providing the ideal data backup and file transfer solution between iOS/Android devices and computers.
// Key Features //
Ultimate file transfer solution between PC & iOS: Music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more.
Download videos from 100+ video sharing sites and transfer to iPad/iPhone/iPod.
Massive free resources: Apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones
Handy toolkit: Audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker, etc.
Transfer music, video, photo, Ebook, apps, contacts, notes and more between iPod/iPhone/iPad and PC without iTunes.
Create, edit and manage iPad/iPhone/iPod playlists.
Delete iPhone songs, videos, contacts, apps, ringtones etc.
Manage photo albums and download photos from icloud photo stream.
Play iPad music and videos with the integrated player.
Handy Toolkit: iPhone ringtone maker, free audio & video converter, etc.
SynciOS does what iTunes does not allow you to do.