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(軟體示範工具)Netplay Instant Demo Studio 8.52.60


Instant Demo Professional是一款Windows應用程式,提供了一個新的快速簡便的方法來建立示範和軟體的教學中流行的Flash格式。它是理想的軟體示範,客戶支援和培訓。它採用了簡潔的設計理念,提供了一個直觀的方法來建立過程。只需點擊一個按鈕是需要開始錄製所有。示範自動捕捉您的桌面上的任何視覺上的變化,內含滑鼠的外觀和運動。語音註釋是通過即時示範與捕獲過程中的現場錄音,以及錄音或編輯過程中插入聲音檔案的全面支援。


– 捕獲視覺變化實時桌面。
– 捕獲整個螢幕,選取的區功能變數或單個視窗。
– 拍攝區時錄音(專業版)。
– 自動記錄滑鼠搬移和外觀。
– 在攫取過程中記錄現場音效。
– 記錄或編輯時插入聲音檔案。
– 匯入AVI檔案。
– 在流行的Adobe Flash格式建立的電影。
– Flash動畫可以有很多時間長。
– 加入自訂的播放控件您的示範。
– 流媒體播放的電影內容 – 您的示範立即開始播放。
– 只用兩個視窗簡單但功能強大的編輯。
– 非常小的檔案大小為每分鐘視訊磁碟空間典型的桌面應用程式0.1MB。
– 加入註釋的文字作為標題或在談泡沫。
– 自動標注文字導航。使觀眾能夠輕鬆地控制您的示範文稿(專業版)的步伐。
– 加入滑鼠熱點互動的非線性示範和教學。
– 加入的,電影的超連結與你的網站(專業版)完全整合。
– 自訂您的註釋文字的外觀。
– 與您最喜愛的圖像處理軟體編輯圖形幀的電影。無需學習其他應用程式。
– 自動計算註釋文字顯示的時間。
– 加入單個幀的效果:淡入/淡出,淡入淡出和亮點(專業版)。
– 真彩色錄製和播放。
– 高品質的尺寸拉遠的動畫網站的圖示,並為進一步的檔案大小的改善。
– 電影編輯的即時預覽,沒有預編譯要求。
– 建立的HTML網頁模板,為您的示範。
– 建立一個小的可執行檔案(單個檔案),方便連線到電子信件。
– 支援還原/重做的變化。您的原始錄音永不丟失,即使編輯會話之間。
– 將多個錄音會議為一體的項目(專業版)。
– 寫程式控制從其他應用程式(專業版),記錄會話。


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Netplay Instant Demo Studio 8.52.60

Instant Demo Professional is a Windows application that provides a new quick and easy way to create demos and tutorials of your software in the popular Flash format. Instant Demo is ideal for software demonstrations, customer support and training. Instant Demo uses a simple design philosophy, providing an intuitive approach to the creation process. A single click of a button is all that is required to start recording. Instant demo automatically captures any visual changes on your desktop, including mouse appearance and movement. Voice annotation is fully supported by Instant Demo with live sound recording during capture, as well as recording or inserting sound files during editing.

Instant Demo uses a 64-bit file structure to store your screen recording. This allows for recordings of up to 18000 Gigabytes in file size. Depending on the nature of the screen activity being recorded, this will allow for continuous recording over several weeks, months or possibly years. The maximum recording period is limited only by the amount of available storage on your computer system. A general rule of thumb for recorded video of typical Windows applications is about 1MB per minute (when exporting your recording to Flash, allow 0.1MB per minute).

– Captures visual changes to your desktop in real time.
– Capture the entire screen, a selected region or an individual window.
– Pan capture region during recording (Pro Version).
– Automatically records mouse movement and appearance.
– Record live sound during capture.
– Record or insert sound files when editing.
– Import AVI files.
– Movies created in the popular Adobe Flash format.
– Flash movies can be many hours in length.
– Add customized playback controls to your demo.
– Streaming playback of movie content – your demo begins playing immediately.
– Simple yet powerful editing using only two windows.
– Extremely small file size with 0.1MB of disk space per minute of video for typical desktop applications.
– Add annotated text as a heading or within a talk bubble.
– Automatic callout text navigation. Allows the viewer to easily control the pace of your presentation (Pro Version).
– Add mouse hotspots for interactive non-linear demonstrations and tutorials.
– Add in-movie hyperlinks for full integration with your website (Pro Version).
– Customize the appearance of your annotated text.
– Graphically edit movie frames with your favorite imaging software. No need to learn another application.
– Automatic calculation of annotated text display time.
– Add individual frame effects: fade-in/out, cross fade and highlight (Pro Version).
– True color recording and playback.
– High quality size reduction for animated Web Icons and for further file size improvements.
– Immediate preview of movie edits, no pre-rendering required.
– Creation of HTML web page templates for your demo.
– Creation of a small executable (single file) for easy attachment to emails.
– Supports Undo / Redo changes. Your original recording is never lost, even between editing sessions.
– Combine multiple recording sessions into one project (Pro Version).
– Programmatically control a recording session from another application (Pro Version).

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