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【全景照片無縫接合】ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro v4.5.0.107 中文正式版

就像魔術一樣,ArcSoft Panorama Maker可以在幾秒鐘內將任何一系列重疊的照片轉換成一張華麗的全景照片。

Panorama Maker為您提供了四種風格選項:水平,垂直,非重疊和360。
使用ArcSoft Panorama Maker將一系列重疊的圖片縫合在一起,您不會相信它看起來有多棒。先進的照片拼接技術讓您在幾秒鐘內獲得完全無縫的效果。
無論您想建立長長的山景,高大的樹木,還是非常細緻的建築,ArcSoft Panorama Maker都可以完成這項工作。該專案內含橫印,直印和非重疊圖像的拼接選項。
該應用程式甚至內含一個功能,用於將一系列迴圈的數字靜態圖像轉換為完全交談式的360電影檔案 – 非常適合作為虛擬漫遊或是新增到電腦演示文稿中。為獲得最佳的360結果,強烈建議使用三腳架。
與其他拼接軟體不同,ArcSoft Panorama Maker包括先進的技術,用於檢驗一系列照片中的人物和物體的搬移。令人難以置信的是,該程式通過移除同一人的多個案例自動編輯最終圖像,因此最終的全景圖不會被冗餘訊息破壞。
該應用程式支援所有常見的圖像檔案格式,內含JPG,TIF,BMP和PCT。 360全景圖像的輸出選項內含Flash,QuickTime(MOV)和HTML(VRML)。

以下是「ArcSoft Panorama Maker」的一些主要功能:
– 支援水平,垂直和瓷磚格式拼接
– 支援360全景輸出
– 擁有快速的全自動編譯
– 內含進行手動調整的工具
– 為長版列印提供多頁列印功能
– 容許您儲存各種圖像格式

【全景照片無縫接合】ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro v4.5.0.107 中文正式版

Like magic, ArcSoft Panorama Maker will transform any series of overlapping photos into a single, gorgeous panoramic print in just a matter of seconds.
After the program quickly analyzes each sequential photo for matching points, it instantly produces a seamless digital photograph that can be printed, emailed or posted to the web. The application even includes an option for stitching photos into 360 files that can be viewed as a movie file or from within a web browser.

Multiple panorama options
Panorama Maker gives you four style options: horizontal, vertical, tiled, and 360.
Perfect Results
Stitch a series of overlapping pictures together using ArcSoft Panorama Maker and you won't believe how great it looks. Advanced photo stitching technology gives you totally seamless results in just seconds.
Stitch to Print
Whether you're looking to create panoramas of long mountain vistas, very tall trees, or highly detailed architecture, ArcSoft Panorama Maker has a setting that can do the job. The program includes stitching options for horizontal, vertical, and tiled imagery.
Stitch to Present
The application even includes a feature for turning a circular series of digital stills into a fully interactive 360 movie file — great for posting to the web as a virtual tour or adding into a computer presentation. For best 360 results, the use of a tripod is strongly recommended.
Special Technology
Unlike other stitching software, ArcSoft Panorama Maker includes advanced technology for detecting movement of people and objects within a series of photos. Incredibly, the program automatically edits the final image by removing multiple instances of the same person so the final panorama is not spoiled by redundant information.
Image Enhancement
Tools for brightening, sharpening and cropping your panoramic images are included in the software. This way, you'll never need to go to another application for post-processing enhancement.
Multiple Save and Export Options
The application supports all common image file formats including JPG, TIF, BMP, and PCT. Output options for 360 panoramic images include Flash, QuickTime (MOV) and HTML (VRML).
Manual Adjustment
Although you'll probably never need it, the program includes controls for manually defining blending points so you can have greater control over the way your images are stitched together.

Here are some key features of "ArcSoft Panorama Maker":
– Supports horizontal, vertical and tile format stitching
– Supports 360 panoramic output
– Boasts fast, fully-automatic rendering
– Includes tools for making manual adjustments
– Features multiple page printing for long-format prints
– Allows you to save in a variety of image formats