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【全自動磁盤碎片整理工具】 Diskeeper v20.0 – 世界上最先進,最全面的全自動磁盤碎片整理工具

市場上有很多碎片整理程式 – 商業,免費或開源。
其中,Diskeeper和PerfectDisk都具有悠久的發展歷史和堅實的技術,是公認的領導者 – 相比之下,任何其他類似的應用程式都顯得蒼白無力。

Server Edition內含I-FAAST技術,可以智慧地為系統提供除碎片整理之外的額外效能改進。

【全自動磁盤碎片整理工具】 Diskeeper v20 主要特點:
保持物理伺服器和Windows PC的運行速度比新的快
為Windows系統提供加速的I / O效能
使用中央管理控制台輕鬆跨網路部署 – 無需重新啟動
【全自動磁盤碎片整理工具】 Diskeeper v20 官網:

File fragmentation on disk significantly slows down the file access (read/write) speed, especially in working environments where source code libraries and compilations are frequently updated. So defragmenting software is one of the common tools that computers must use. There are so many defragmenting programs in the market – commercial, free, or open-source. Among them, Diskeeper and PerfectDisk, both with a long development history and solid technologies, are recognized leaders – any other similar applications pale by comparison.

By contrast, PerfectDisk has the advantage of defragmenting algorithm, which can reduce the number of disk defragmentation; while the advantages of Diskeeper rest with its avoidance of disk fragmentation and optimized defragmentation in the background. In other words, after installing Diskeeper, you hardly need to do any setup, it immediately and automatically defragments your disk when your system is idle. Plus, it does not need to be executed on schedule, because it is designed to work in real time when needed.
Diskeeper owns the patented, forward-looking IntelliWrite technology, and is the first ever disk defragmentator using the new InvisiTasking technology for all Windows versions on both PC and physical server. Its defragmentation process is fully-automated and real-time in the background, and does not interfere with any system resources when performing defragmentation. In addition, Diskeeper applies different optimization techniques to HDD and SSD, achieves fast and effective defragmentation with minimal system resource requirement, and can further improve the running speed of Windows system by increasing the DRAM cache. The Server Edition includes I-FAAST technology that intelligently gives the system additional performance improvement beyond defragmentation.
As we all know, the longer you use Windows and the more software you install, the slower it runs. At this time, as a classic and professional disk defragmentation software that is suitable for large enterprises, small businesses, government agencies, and home users, Diskeeper can make your personal computers and servers run like a brand-new one – always keep the Windows file system operating with optimal performance and reliability, and prolong the service life of your hard drives directly and effectively.
// Key Features //
Keep physical servers and Windows PCs running faster than new
Delivers accelerated I/O performance for Windows systems
Improves business productivity by ensuring applications run at peak performance
Caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM
Proactively eliminates performance-robbing fragmentation
Easily deploys across the network with a central management console – no reboot required