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【居家房屋裝修與設計】Home Designer 21.3–專業的家居設計,室內設計和景觀 DIY 軟體

所以,擁有【居家房屋裝修與設計】Home Designer 21.3 你自己就是設計師!一切都可以自己先決定!

Home Designer是專為嚴肅的家庭DIY愛好者設計的專業家居設計軟體。

Home Designer容許您輕鬆高效地為項目生成3D模型和施工文件。


【居家房屋裝修與設計】Home Designer 主要應用:
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When decorating a new house, renovating an old one, or redecorating your apartment, the vast majority of us have to choose to turn to a decoration company for help. But the result is often not only the cost is enormous, but also the outcome is unpleasant in many aspects. With that in mind, some people who love life and have strong manipulative ability will choose to use software to complete the design and inspection process of the entire decoration on a computer, and finally personally or hire professional construction personnels to deal with the rest of the thing.
Home Designer is a professional home design software specially designed for serious home DIY lovers. In Home Designer, you can utilize the same types of tools that professionals use for home design, house renovation, interior design, outdoor living and cost estimation. In addition, it also provides advanced design and intelligent building tools, and is able to generate complete and detailed architectural model drawings and construction drawings.
Home Designer allows you to easily and efficiently generate 3D models and construction documents for your projects. It can read and edit two main document types: .plan file and .layout file. The structure, surrounding terrain and any associated CAD data of a complete 3D model are stored in the .plan file; The data used to create work drawings and links to various views are stored in the layout file.
// Main Applications //
3D Home Design & Modeling
Interior Design, Kitchens & Baths
Construction Drawings & CAD Tools
Decks & Landscaping