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【數位雕刻工具】3DCoat 4.9 專注於遊戲模型的細節設計


此外,雖然3D-Coat的UV貼圖功能不如某些專業的UV軟體那麼方便,但與ZBrush和Autodesk Mudbox相比,它已經相當不錯了。

【數位雕刻工具】3DCoat 4.9 專注於遊戲模型的細節設計 官網:
3D-Coat (AKA: 3DCoat) is a digital sculpturing software (from Ukraine) that is specially designed for the art design work (i.e., details design) of game models. It not only integrates various real-time 3D model texture mapping and detail sculpture functions in one place, but also supports topology, volume sculpture, hardware rendering, and other important features. Moreover, it uses the normal mapping as window display technique, which greatly accelerates the speed to view and edit objects.
The most distinctive function in 3D-Coat’s extended functionality is the convenient topology. Unlike ZBrush, 3D-Coat’s topology supports a variety of manners. In addition, although 3D-Coat’s UV mapping feature is not as convenient as some specialized UV software, it has already been pretty good compared with ZBrush and Autodesk Mudbox. Plus, the layer mapping function of 3D-Coat is quite powerful too, at least it is much better than Mudbox and ZBrush.

As of writing this post, 3D-Coat remains active updates, so that you will find that its official introduction content has been out of date. For another, its frequent update indicates that it is difficult to predict what kind of digital sculpturing/painting software it will finally become in the future.
3DCoat 4.9 – Digital sculpting tool focusing on game models’ detail design