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【智能配音大師】SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.8.7(專利音樂配音編輯)

如果你是影片創作者,那【智能配音大師】SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.8.7(專利音樂配音編輯)就是你的得力住手!
您是配樂工作者,常為了音樂內容而腸枯思竭嗎 ?

您是影視剪輯工作者,常為了影片內容而花錢請人配樂嗎 ?
您是婚紗業者,常需要幫客戶製作影片配樂而傷腦筋嗎 ?
您是多媒體製作剪接師,作品中需要使用大量的多媒體配樂嗎 ?
別擔心,SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 都能達成你的願望!!
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 點燃了您的創造力,就像世界上沒有其他音樂解決專案一樣。
專利音樂編輯技術,直觀設計和多產音樂製作的融合使 Sonicfire Pro 5 和 SmartSound音樂庫 成為為您的作品加入訂做樂譜的最創新模式。
Sonicfire Pro 5評分版提供了最具創新性的功能,可為任何類型的項目加入高衝擊力的音樂。
SmartSound SonicfirePro 5是首款免版稅音樂解決專案,帶有“Mood Mapping”,可動態地將音樂的混合和感覺與任何製作的不斷變化的情緒相符合。

Sonicfire Pro採用SmartSound的專利技術構建,為視覺故事講述者提供了前所未有的控制能力和彈性,使他們的音樂得分能夠從他們的視訊編輯工作站獲得無限的創意選取。

Sonicfire Pro 5的直觀設計可以即時訪問專業音樂混合和編輯結果,同時保持進階功能易於訪問,以完全控制您的樂譜。
適用於Adobe Premiere Pro的Sonicfire Pro外掛程式 – 從Premiere內定啟動Sonicfire Pro,並將您訂做的音樂直接從Sonicfire Pro傳送到到Premiere項目中。 支援無縫往返工作流程,節省您的時間
適用於Avid / Pinnacle Studio的Sonicfire Pro外掛程式 – 快速將SmartSound音樂帶入您的時間線,甚至可以在視訊時間軸中編輯音樂的長度。 您的變更會立即更新,因此您可以在不離開時間軸的情況下為您的視訊定制音樂。
【智能配音大師】SmartSound SonicFire Pro (專利音樂配音編輯)官網:

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 ignites your creativity like no other music solution in the world. Effortlessly mold music from the largest fully-customizable music library to custom-fit any production. The fusion of patented music editing technology, intuitive design and prolific music production makes Sonicfire Pro 5 and the SmartSound Music Library the most innovative way to add a custom music score to your productions.
Experience the creative power of turning the best library music into a fully-cutomized music score. Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition offers the most innovative set of features for adding high-impact music to any type of project. Its familiar timeline interface and intuitive access to SmartSound’s patented music editing features make it immediately rewarding for video and audio editors alike.
SmartSound SonicfirePro 5 is the first-ever royalty-free music solution with “Mood Mapping” for dynamically matching the mix and feel of music to the changing moods of any production. Built with SmartSound’s patented technology, Sonicfire Pro gives visual storytellers unprecedented control and flexibility over their music scores resulting in unlimited creative options right from their video editing workstation.
With a new multitrack mixing interface and added support for the latest SmartSound Multi-Layer Music, editors can orchestrate sophisticated music tracks that would otherwise require a professional music editor or composer. The intuitive design of Sonicfire Pro 5 delivers instant access to professional music mixing and editing results while keeping advanced features easily accessible for complete control of your music score.
Compatible Audio Formats
– Audio Interchange File Format – AIFF
– MPEG layer 3 – MP3
– SmartSound Audio File – SDS
– SmartSound Audio Package – SSUP
– WAVE form audio format – WAV, Q7 }
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Compatible Video Formats:
– MPEG-1
– MPEG-4
Compatibility with Video Software:
– SmartSound is compatible with any application software or system that imports industry standard media file formats.
System Requirements:#
– Windows XP SP1, Vista, 7, 8 (32 & 64 bit)
– Intel 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
– Sound Card & Speakers
– 256 MB available RAM
– 50 MB hard disk space (minimum)
– Windows Media Player 11 or newer.
New in Sonicfire Pro v5.8:
Now with integrated web account management:
– Find the right music faster!
– Download and Install automatically
– Save Time with fewer steps
– Get the same features and discounts as the website
– Includes the NEW Multi-Layer Core Evolution Album
Sonicfire Pro Plugins Host Compatibility:
– Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.x
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.x
– Avid Studio/Pinnacle Studio
Sonicfire Pro Plugin for Adobe After Effects – Launch Sonicfire Pro from inside After Effects and send your Customized music directly from Sonicfire Pro into your After Effects project. Support seamless roundtrip workflow to save you time.
Sonicfire Pro Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro – Launch Sonicfire Pro from inside Premiere and send your customized music directly from Sonicfire Pro into your Premiere project. Supports seamless roundtrip workflow to save you time
Sonicfire Pro Plugin for Avid/Pinnacle Studio – Quickly bring SmartSound music into your timeline and even edit the length of the music right in your video timeline. Your changes are updated immediately so you can tailor the music to your video without leaving your timeline.