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【照片轉換成精美畫作】Dynamic Auto Painter v6.12 將普通照片轉換為真實的藝術畫作

Dynamic Auto Painter來自加拿大的獨特,有趣且易於使用照片處理軟體。

請注意,與直接修改像素並輸出圖像的其他軟件或具有類似功能的插件/濾鏡不同,Dynamic Auto Painter完全模仿了真實人物的繪畫筆觸(這些筆觸是從繪畫作品中捕獲的)
此外,除了能夠在現實生活中模擬逼真的畫布和顏料感之外,Dynamic Auto Painter還提供了多種模板,支持實時預覽變換後的效果,並允許用戶進行微調。

Dynamic Auto Painter 主要特點:

【照片轉換成精美畫作】Dynamic Auto Painter v6.12 網址:
Dynamic Auto Painter is a unique, interesting and easy-to-use photo processing software from Canada. It is able to surprisingly transform any common photos, images into various styles and genres of high-end and exquisite paintings in a short time, without the need of human intervention at all. This program definitely took a big step in the field of automatic drawing.

Please note that, unlike other software or plug-ins/filters with similar functions, which just direct modify pixels and output the image, Dynamic Auto Painter completely imitates the painting brush strokes of a real person (the brush strokes were captured from the painting works of many famous painters around the world, such as Vincent van Gogh, D’Orcia, Claude Monet, Henry Sargent, Georges Seurat, Paul Cézanne, Pino Daeni, Frank Weston Benson, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, etc.) to redraw the entire image you provide stroke by stroke. In other words, it won’t change the photo itself, but just use the original photo as a reference, and then use the appropriate brush and style that simulate the world’s most famous painting artists to draw a brand-new image automatically.
In addition, in addition to being able to simulate a realistic sense of canvas and paint in our real life, Dynamic Auto Painter also comes with a variety of templates, supports previewing the effect after transformation in real time, and allows user to fine-tune the details of drawings until you are satisfied.
// Key Features //
Best in its class
Automatic: it does the painting for you
Real-world artists inspired techniques
It doesn’t depend on the input image resolution
Add Non-traditional look to your photos or 3D renderings
Versatile output
Easy to use interface
Integrated help
Large number of presets
Runs from Windows Vista to Win 10
It is fun on the bu