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【網路向量圖形動畫製作】Adobe Edge Animate CC 2017 v16.5.0.100 繁體中文版

【網路向量圖形動畫製作】Adobe Edge Animate CC 2017 v16.5.0.100 繁體中文版

近二十年來,Flash Professional一直是在網路上製作豐富動畫的標準。
由於HTML5的出現以及使用Web標準的動畫需求,我們在過去幾年中完全重寫了該工具,以納入本機HTML5 Canvas和WebGL支援。
為了更準確地表示其作為網路及其以外的首要動畫工具的位置,Flash Professional將被更名為Adobe Animate CC。

以下是您對Animate CC的期望:
向量藝術畫筆繪製後修改筆觸的路徑,並將其縮放到任何解析度,而不會損失質量。您還可以使用Adobe Capture CC建立訂做畫筆和匯入畫筆。

360°可旋轉畫佈在繪製時,在任何樞軸點上旋轉畫布,以獲得完美的角度和筆劃。你甚至可以使用Wacom Cintiq這個功能!
改進的鉛筆和畫筆 – 沿曲線繪製光滑,精確的向量輪廓,並獲得更快的實時預覽。



Adobe股票直接在Animate CC瀏覽和許可數百萬種高品質照片,插圖和向量圖形。您甚至可以通過向其加入動畫來為靜態內容加入生命。

【網路向量圖形動畫製作】Adobe Edge Animate CC 2017 v16.5.0.100 繁體中文版 官方網址:


For nearly two decades, Flash Professional has been the standard for producing rich animations on the web. Because of the emergence of HTML5 and demand for animations that leverage web standards, we completely rewrote the tool over the past few years to incorporate native HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support. To more accurately represent its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond, Flash Professional will be renamed Adobe Animate CC .

Here’s what you can expect in Animate CC:
Drawing, illustration and authoring
Vector art brushes Modify the path of a stroke after it’s been drawn, and scale them to any resolution without losing quality. You can also make custom brushes and import brushes created with Adobe Capture CC.

360° rotatable canvas Rotate the canvas on any pivot point as you draw to get the perfect angle and strokes. You can even use this feature with a Wacom Cintiq!
Improved pencils and brushes – Draw smooth, precise vector outlines along a curve and get faster live previews.
Easier audio syncing Control audio looping directly on the timeline, without having to code.

Faster color changing Naming tagged colors lets you change one color and have it automatically update your entire project.

Colored onion skinning Easily orchestrate complex animations now that adjacent frames can have different color and alpha values.

CreativeSync integration
Adobe Stock Browse and license millions of high-quality photos, illustrations and vector graphics directly in Animate CC. You can even add life to static content by adding animations to them.