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【設計3D文字.按鈕.徽標】Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker v16 中文版

urora 3D Text&Logo Maker是一款進階應用程式,旨在說明您設計3D文字,按鈕,徽標。


以下是「Aurora 3D Text&Logo Maker」的一些主要功能:
– 該模板有多達數百種樣式選項和使用者友好的操作,為您節省大量工作時間並提高效率;
– 反射,反射,混合,變形紋理等操作,金屬,玻璃,塑料等紋理效果,讓您的作品永遠不會失去強大的3D軟體;
– 手形,svg圖形和字型圖形匯入,匯入圖片和外部模型,使用該軟體的彈性可以輕鬆響應您的各種設計需求。
– 專為進階操作員設計的軟體,使得文字和形狀的搬移,旋轉,縮放,改變尺寸非常方便,全部不用視窗的值,一切都顯得直觀,富有創意。
– 無限的復原,使各種嘗試成為不必擔心。
– 可以調整正面和側面的彩色,材質,形狀和文字的紋理。軟體包括數十種紋理庫可供選取,加上獨特的紋理反射,鏡面效果,透明效果,使其易於製作金屬,玻璃等特效。
– 紋理支援變焦,搬移,旋轉等變形,增加紋理的彈性。另外,我們可以輕鬆建立動畫紋理,紋理更逼真。
– 幾十種模式可以自由選取斜角,斜角高度可以自由調節以滿足不同形狀的需要。
– 該軟體提供三種可調照明模式


【設計3D文字.按鈕.徽標】Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker v16 中文版 官網:

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an advanced application intended to enable you to design 3D Text, buttons, logos. Features a large number of shapes and text template. There are reflections and texture animation effects, and a variety of quick tools, very easy to use.
You can choose a variety of bevel and alignment, lighting can be adjusted, the shape can be interchangeable, very flexible. Can import the font shapes, and you can import SVG, and converted into three-dimensional shapes.
You can export the png, tiff, jpg, bmp format. 3D design software for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to promote our image,web page or display text or graphics to add 3D effect, the mind may emerge 3Dmax complex or tedious Photoshop software operation Skills.

Here are some key features of "Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker":
– The template has as many as hundreds of style options, and user-friendly operation, to save you a lot of work time and increase efficiency;
– Reflection, reflection, mixing, deformation texture, and other operations, metal, glass, plastic and other texture effects, so that your work will never lose a powerful 3D software;
– Hand shape, svg graphics and fonts graphic import, and import pictures and external model, the flexibility to use the software to easily respond to your various design needs.
Editing and special effects textures:
– the software specially designed for the advanced operator, making the text and the shape of the move, rotate, zoom, change the size is very convenient, all without using the value of the window, everything seems intuitive, creative.
– unlimited undo, making various attempts to become don’t worry about.
– front and side color, material, texture of shape and text can be adjusted. Software contains dozens of texture library to choose from, coupled with the unique texture reflection, mirror, transparent effects, makes it easy to create metal, glass and other special effects.
– texture support zoom, move, rotate, etc. deformation, increase the flexibility of texture. In addition, we can easily create animated textures, the texture was more realistic.
– dozens of ways to free choice of bevels, bevel height can be freely adjusted to meet the needs of different shapes.
– the software provides three adjustable lighting modes