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【高度模仿Mac OS X 的 Dock 桌面美化和導航】Winstep Nexus 19.2 繁體中文 正式版

【高度模仿Mac OS X 的 Dock 桌面美化和導航】Winstep Nexus 超級有質感!
Winstep Nexus是一款桌面美化和導航軟體,高度模仿Mac OS X的Dock系統。

它的功能類似於Y’z Dock,但提供了更友好的使用者介面(附帶許多主題),可以使您的桌面體驗更生動有趣。

此外,它還提供了Mac OS僅有的許多突出而酷的功能,例如小部件,多個滑鼠懸停效果,外觀,拖曳操作,圖示反射,模糊的背景,系統任務欄,任務欄等。
Winstep Nexus容許將任何程式圖示拖到Dock面板上,調整圖示大小(16×16到128×128),並設定透明度,Dock名稱,滑鼠點選的特殊效果(拉近,平面縮放,縮放,回彈,閃爍,搖動,搖擺,風,水滴等)。
Winstep Nexus易於使用,效能非常好,並且官方網站提供了大量主題和圖示包供免費下載。簡而言之,這是一種罕見的桌面美化工具,它無疑可以為我們的日常Windows桌面使用帶來很多便利。
換句話說,Winstep Nexus是想要在Windows PC上體驗Mac OS的Dock功能的人們的最佳選取之一。

Winstep Nexus 18.12 繁體中文 正式版 主要特徵:
後擋板(7 / Vista)的模糊和停靠背景的著色。
內建模組/小工具:(例如,時間知會時鐘,回收站,電子信件檢查器,天氣監控器,CPU,Net和RAM Meters和Wanda游泳“幸運餅乾”的魚)。


【高度模仿Mac OS X的Dock桌面美化和導航】Winstep Nexus 18.12 繁體中文 正式版:
Winstep Nexus is a desktop beautification and navigation software highly imitating the Dock system of Mac OS X. It’s similar to the Y’z Dock in functionality, but offers a fancier and friendlier user interface (coming with dozens of themes), and makes your desktop experience more lively and interesting. In addition, it also provides many prominent and cool features that only come with Mac OS, such as widgets, multiple mouse-over effects, skins, drag operations, icon reflections, blurry backgrounds, system trays, taskbars, etc.
Winstep Nexus allows to drag any program icon onto the Dock panel, adjust the icon size (16×16 to 128×128), and set the transparency, Dock name, special effects for mouse click (enlarge, planar zoom, zoom, rebound, flashing, shaking, swinging, wind, water drop, etc.). In addition to adding a program, its another very good place is support adding internal commands. It already has more than 100 built-in commands now, which cover a variety of functions. Plus, there are a number of modifiable items for customization in the software’s parameter settings.
Winstep Nexus is easy to use, its performance is very good, and the official website provides a large number of themes and icon packs for free download. In short, this is a rare desktop beautification tool, which can certainly bring a lot of convenience to our daily Windows desktop use. In other words, Winstep Nexus is one of the best choices for people who want to experience the Dock feature of Mac OS on a Windows PC.
// Key Features //
Display running applications on the dock with task grouping, task filtering and icon customization options.
Display system tray on the dock as single or grouped icons.
Blur-Behind (7/Vista) and colorization of dock backgrounds.
Built-in modules/widgets: (e.g. time announcing clock, recycle bin, email checker, weather monitor, CPU, Net and RAM Meters and Wanda the swimming ‘fortune cookie’ fish).
Over 80 special commands such as Sleep, Empty Recycler, CD Control, etc…
Multiple animated mouse over, launch, attention and delete effects: zoom, swing, bounce and many more!
Live icon reflections and animated water-like effects.
Built in support for animated icons.
Quickly change icons of shortcuts and running programs by dropping PNG and ICO image files directly into the icon.
Minimize windows to the dock.
Multi-monitor support.
High-DPI support.
Compatible with skins for all 3rd party docks.
Multiple docks.
Ability to group shortcuts into an unlimited number of nested sub-docks.
Instant access to the contents of Folders, Downloads, and more via Grid Stacks.
Categorize applications into user-defined tabs on Shelves (tabbed docks).
Increase productivity by displaying folders, the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panel and other virtual system folders on Shelves.
Reduce clutter by hiding desktop icons and using a Shelf’s Desktop tab instead.
One click theme switching via the special Themes tab on a Shelf.
Display icons plus the contents of disk and virtual system folders on Drawers (single-tabbed dock with text below the icons).
Additional modules/widgets (e.g.; calendar, battery monitor, moon phase).
Additional mouse-over, launch, attention and delete effects.
Unlimited number of clock alarms, scheduled tasks and reminders.
Customize system tray with high resolution icons.