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【高效能的HDD和SSD碎片整理器】O&O Defrag 23.0 磁碟重整

眾所周知,已經有許多免費或商用的磁碟碎片整理軟體,例如Diskeeper,PerfectDisk,Contig,JkDefrag,UltimateDefrag,Defraggler和Ashampoo Magical Defrag。
O&O Defrag是由德國O&O Software開發的屢獲殊榮的磁碟碎片整理程式。

O&O Defrag為不同層級的磁碟碎片提供了多種磁碟碎片整理模式:隱身,空間,完整/名稱,完整/修改,完整/訪問。

【高效能的HDD和SSD碎片整理器】O&O Defrag 23.0 主要特徵:
O&O DiskStat
O&O DiskCleaner
支援Windows 10,Windows 8.1和Windows 7
Server Edition需要Windows Server 2016、2012 R2、2012、2008 R2、2008
【高效能的HDD和SSD碎片整理器】O&O Defrag 23.0網址:

When you’ve tried many ways to clean up and optimize your Windows system, but have seen no obvious results (system or program launches and runs slowly, or even crashes easily), do remember to perform defragmentation to your disk, then everything may be fine. As we all know, there have been so many free or commercial disk defragment software, such as Diskeeper, PerfectDisk, Contig, JkDefrag, UltimateDefrag, Defraggler and Ashampoo Magical Defrag.
O&O Defrag is an award-winning disk fragmentation defragmenter developed by O&O Software from Germany. It supports defrag for all types of storage devices (including hard disk, USB flash drive, SD card), supports nearly all Windows file systems, including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EFS (Encrypting File System), and is suitable for various editions of Windows such as normal workstations, normal servers and advanced servers. In particular, it has not high requirements for the hardware environment, only occupies very few system resources, and its disk defragmentation effect is pretty good and fast.
O&O Defrag offers a variety of disk defragmenting modes for different levels of disk fragmentation: Stealth, Space, Complete/Name, Complete/Modified, Complete/Access. For example: to defragment the system volume, you can use the Name mode, so as to boost the system bootup speed; for partitions with more fragmentation, the Space mode is more appropriate. In addition, it also supports for automatic defragmenting in the background, scheduled defragmentation and automatic defragment at startup, supports for defragmenting multiple disks/partitions at the same time, supports for long file name and file exclusion, and many other useful features.
// Key Features //
New defragmentation method SOLID: for the most resource and hardware-friendly optimization of your hards disks and SSDs
Fragment Filter to identify the most fragmented files on a drive
O&O DiskStat
O&O DiskCleaner
Time View to see which defragmentation activity results in which successful optimization
Easy-to-Use: Ideal for Beginners and Professionals
Even faster system and program starts
Defragmentation time reduced by up to 40%
Defragmentation of locked files
Lifetime Performance Statistics
Automatic deletion of free space for more privacy
Optimizing systems with Thin Provisioning
Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
Server Edition requires Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008