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【PDF解決專案.電子文件.簽署和分享】Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 繁體中文版

【PDF解決專案.電子文件.簽署和分享】Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 繁體中文版

Acrobat DC(以前的Adobe Acrobat XI Pro)是世界上最好的PDF解決專案的完全重新設計的桌面版本。

觸摸友好和輕鬆的眼睛,Acrobat DC有一個美麗的新介面,以您的想法的模式 – 與設計 – 您自己的工具面板,所以你可以找到你所需要的快。

我們已經將所有的電子簽名放在了Acrobat DC中的PDF檔案到搬移應用程式中。

此外,您可以放心,他們受到保護 – 每一步。

Acrobat DC像魔術一樣工作。

Acrobat DC為全球超過十億台裝置帶來電子簽名。現在任何人都可以通過手指在觸摸式裝置上合法簽名文件 – 或是在瀏覽器中點擊幾下。
Acrobat DC不僅僅是一個簽名的應用程式,也可以輕鬆地傳送,追蹤和存儲簽名的文件。

【PDF解決專案.電子文件.簽署和分享】Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 繁體中文版 官方網址:


Acrobat DC (former Adobe Acrobat XI Pro) is the completely reimagined desktop version of the world’s best PDF solution. It includes a mobile app so you can fill, sign and share PDFs on any device. And with Document Cloud services, you can create, export, edit and track PDFs from anywhere — and stay connected to recent files across all your devices.

Visualize this: A UI for users.
Touch friendly and easy on the eyes, Acrobat DC has a beautiful new interface that works the way you think — with a design-your-own Tool panel so you can find what you need fast. This UI is so simple, you have to see it to believe it.

Sign anywhere. It’s included.
We’ve put e-signatures in everything, for everyone, from PDFs created in Acrobat DC to mobile apps. So now, you can securely send and track agreements that anyone can sign in seconds — on any device. And filling out forms is just as quick.

Never lose track of documents again.
Now, you can securely send and track your most important documents. Know who opened them, when — and even what time they were signed. Plus, you get the peace of mind that they’re protected — every step of the way.

Acrobat DC works like magic.
Edit any file, even a paper one. Just snap a photo with your phone, and then open it on your desktop. Before your eyes, Acrobat will magically transform it into a PDF you can edit on your tablet — complete with custom fonts that match the type in your original file.

E-signatures. Everywhere.
Acrobat DC brings e-signing to more than one billion devices around the world. Now anyone can legally sign documents with a finger on a touch-enabled device — or with a few quick clicks in a browser. More than just a signing app, Acrobat DC makes it easy to send, track and store signed documents, too.
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