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Easy Duplicate Finder 5.22 – 最佳重複檔案掃瞄器和卸除軟體工具

這次我想向您推薦的是所謂的最佳重複檔案掃瞄器和卸除軟體工具:Easy Duplicate Finder。

Easy Duplicate Finder是一個非常強大,實用且使用者友好的重複檔案搜尋和刪除軟體。

Easy Duplicate Finder是一款當之無愧的邊緣工具,可以快速尋找和刪除重複檔案。

Easy Duplicate Finder 主要特點:
使用“精靈”功能讓Easy Duplicate Finder為您完成所有艱苦的工作
從iTunes,照片,iPhoto和Windows Media Player中刪除重複的檔案
Easy Duplicate Finder 5.22 網址:
There must be a lot of duplicate files in your system, especially photos, songs, videos, office documents and archives. Not only are they easy to have a duplication, but also most of them take up a lot of storage space on your disk. However, it is unrealistic to manually find them out one by one. In this case, we have to utilize some duplicate files finding tools to efficiently solve this problem. This time what I would like to recommend to you is the so-called best duplicate files scanner and remover- Easy Duplicate Finder.
Easy Duplicate Finder is a very powerful, practical and user-friendly duplicate files searching and deleting software. It is able to free up a lot of disk space by quickly finding and deleting all types of duplicate files in your system with one click. It provides multiple file info comparisons for files it is finding, including file name, file format, file size, date of modification, CRC-32 check, and so on.
Easy Duplicate Finder is a well-deserved edge tool to quickly find and remove duplicate files. It provides an option to automatically keep the new or old version of a file if this file has copies in multiple places; and allows to delete file to recycle bin or directly. In addition, it provides detailed file information and shows the full file path for user to manually delete files in a reliable way. Even better, even if the duplicate files have different names, it can still help you find them all out, especially for pictures.
// Key Features //
Find unique duplicates on your Mac, PC and in the Cloud
Use the “Wizard” feature to let Easy Duplicate Finder do all of the hard work for you
Or, explore custom scan modes and search methods for more advanced usage
Duplicate cleaner works with documents, songs, photos, emails and a whole lot more
Ultra-fast search & 100% accuracy to return unique files
Preview all types of files for safer search
“Undo” button for emergency recovery
Delete duplicate files from iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, and Windows Media Player
Works with cloud-storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox
Protects system files and folders from accidental deletion