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Hydra JPG Degrader 1.1 Photoshop外掛程式(增加了JPG圖像壓縮、噪點和色差)

Hydra JPG Degrader 是一個Photoshop外掛程式,增加了JPG壓縮,噪點和色差到圖像。
通常的CG效果圖看起來太鋒利和清潔相比, JPG背景,你需要巧妙地降低了重心呈現以符合您所合成成背景的外觀。
Hydra JPG Degrader 可以讓你看到合成在你的其他層上方新增圖層為你實時看到壓縮的要新增到得到一個完美的過渡量。

Hydra JPG Degrader 1.1 Photoshop外掛程式(增加了JPG圖像壓縮、噪點和色差)

Hydra JPG Degrader 1.1 Photoshop外掛程式(增加了JPG圖像壓縮、噪點和色差)


Hydra JPG Degrader is a photoshop plugin that adds JPG compression, noise and chromatic aberration to an image. This plugin helps dramatically speed up the process of compositing a CG rendering into an existing jpg background. Typically CG renderings look too sharp and clean compared to a jpg background, you need to subtly degrade the CG rendering to match the look of the background you are compositing it into. Currently the only way to do this is to save off part of a layer with strong jpg compression and then reimport that layer and mask off the areas outside of the CG rendering layer. This is a tedious process and the best you can do is guess at what level of jpg compression you need to match the background. Hydra JPG Degrader lets you see the new layer composited on top of your other layers as you see in realtime the amount of compression you are adding to get a flawless transition. In addition to jpg compression this plugin also lets you ad noise and chromatic aberration, which is the subtle hue shifting that can occur when you are taking a photograph.

On the technical side of the plugin there are also 2 fine tuning sliders for horizontal and vertical phase. Jpg compression in an image is created on a grid layout. By adjusting the horizontal and vertical phase of your new layer you can subtly shift this grid around to match the grid used in the background you are trying to match. This plugin also utilizes a new Adobe SDK feature for plugins that allows better handling of layers. With this plugin you are now able to see your target layer composed on top of all other visible layers of your document. This is extremely useful when you are trying to match the jpg compression of your target layer to an existing composition of layers.

Hydra JPG Degrader is compatible with the following versions of Photoshop.
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and above 32 + 64 bit CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.1, CS6, and CC
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