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Reg Organizer v8.30– 強大而直觀的註冊表清理程序和系統優化程序


Reg Organizer是目前最好的Windows註冊表組織工具之一。

註冊表清理程序和系統優化程序 Reg Organizer v8.30 下載:
Registry is actually an important database in Windows system, used to store all kinds of settings information of system and applications. How to better optimize and set registry is very important for both performance and stability of Windows.
Reg Organizer is one of the best Windows registry organizing tools at present. It allows to view, edit registry; supports direct preview to the registry file you want to import, manual/automatic cleanup and optimization of registry; and allows to search and replace registry entries. Aside from registry operations, it also contains simple tools for disk cleanup, programs uninstalling, system tweaking, and some other features related to system performance.
In particular, all these functions have been classified well, so as to simplify complex usage in the past. This enables you to optimize major settings of Windows more easily and efficiently, which can keep your system has a clean, healthy running environment all the time.