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Zend Studio v13.6 IDE用於更智能.更快速.更輕鬆的PHP開發

Zend Studio是一個屢獲殊榮的專業PHP語系整合開發環境(IDE),適用於Windows,Mac和Linux平台,已被公認為世界上最強大的PHP IDE。
順便說一下,正確的5.5版本系列,Zend Studio已經開始基於Eclipse平台進行重建。

Zend Studio包括PHP開發所需的所有元件,使開發人員可以輕鬆地以最簡單的模式建立基於PHP的應用程式。
通過一整套編輯,除錯,分析,改善和資料庫管理工具,Zend Studio大大縮短了開發週期並簡化了複雜的應用場景。

Zend Studio最初設計時考慮了業務應用程式開發,現在被認為是開發人員使用PHP建立功能強大的資料庫應用程式的完美開發環境。

在眾多PHP開發解決專案中,Zend Studio長期以來被認為是最好的PHP整合開發環境,儘管它可能不是最好或最適合您的。
但與同類軟體相比,它更強大,更專業。此外,Zend Studio支援自己流行的Web應用程式框架 – Zend Framework比任何其他軟體都要好得多。
更智能.更快速.更輕鬆的PHP開發工具 Zend Studio v13.6 網址:

Zend Studio is an award-winning and professional PHP language integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, which has been recognized as the most powerful PHP IDE in the world. It is able to speed up the development cycle, simplify complex application scheme, and has become one of PHP developers’ favorite PHP development tools. BTW, sine its version 5.5 series, Zend Studio has started being rebuilt based on the Eclipse platform.
Zend Studio includes all the necessary components for PHP development, making it easy for developers to create PHP-based applications in the simplest way. Through a full set of editing, debugging, analyzing, optimizing, and database managing tools, Zend Studio greatly reduces the development cycles and simplifies the complex application scenarios. Specifically: it supports PHP syntax highlight, automatic code completion, bookmarks, automatic syntax indentation, code copying, local and remote debugging modes, a variety of advanced debugging capabilities (such as tracking variables, single-step running, breakpoint, stack information, function call, viewing real-time output), as well as an inbuilt, powerful and impeccable PHP code debugger.
Zend Studio was originally designed with the business application development in mind, and is now regarded as a perfect development environment for developers to create powerful database applications using PHP. Plus, it comes with good usability, scalability, reliability and extensibility for professional and enterprise developers to develop, configure, debug, and manage their key business PHP applications.
Among so many PHP development solutions, Zend Studio has long been recognized as the greatest PHP integrated development environment available, although it may not be the best or most suitable for you. But compared to the same type of software, it is significantly more powerful and specialized. In addition, Zend Studio supports its own popular web application framework – Zend Framework much better than any other software.